• Type of route:
    Mtb, cross country, e-mtb, gravel, city bike
  • Departure:
    Sieve bridge (Borgo San Lorenzo)
  • Lenght:
    9 km (around 5,5 miles)
  • Travel time:
    1 and half hour (1,5 hour)
  • Difference in height:
    0 m
  • Complexity level:
  • Suitable for:
    bike excursions lovers with kids
  • How to reach Sieve bridge from Bike Store Mugello:
    Starting from our store, where is possible to rent bike for this tour, you can reach the bridge turning left and straight after right. At the stop signal turn right and you will find the bridge after few meters in front of you.


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Route 1: excursion on the cycle path from Borgo San Lorenzo to Vicchio

If you are in Mugello for a relaxing weekend or just for a day and you have decided to spend some time in the middle of the nature, a bike adventure is the best idea.
One of the most recommended tour is the one on the cycle path that connects Borgo San Lorenzo to Vicchio, along the Sieve river.

It is a classic itinerary, not too difficult, it allows you to admire the Mugello valley bottom, the beautiful tuscan landscape and the river biodiversity. It is a perfect adventure to do with kids.

Mugello in bici con la famiglia

The cylce path along the river is also accessible by foot, it connects Borgo San Lorenzo to Vicchio, it runs along the Sieve river, through the fields, plantations and farms.
Basically on a flat level, it is one of the easiest route to do by bike with a bikeable ground perfect for adventures with kids.

Mugello in bici pista ciclabile Borgo San Lorenzo

The path starts from “Ponte di Sieve” just at Borgo San Lorenzo entrance, it continues until the football field in Sagginale. The cycle part finishes here and you must do a very short paved tract, pass another bridge (Ponte di Annibale) and after turn left to go again on the trail and proceed to Ponte a Vicchio, where it ends.

Be aware that you will find few footbridge to pass on many moats. We recommend to be careful and go slowly.

The cycle path alterns sunny parts to shaded area, you will find benches to stop and rest, to have beautiful views and also places where you can take refreshments. When you stop just have a look around and observe the nature with its fabolous plants and animals. This route is home for a small group of hares and a big variety of birds.

You won’t find any fountains along the way, just at the end of it there is a restaurant and bar in Ponte a Vicchio, we always suggest to equip yourself before departure.

Pista ciclabile da Borgo San Lorenzo a Vicchio

This route has been recently connected to a new opposite road, the connect Borgo San Lorenzo to Larciano (direction to San Piero a Sieve). It is 2,5 km (around 1,5 mile) long and good for short excursion with kids. You can also do it to go on other routes, such as Riserva di Schifanoia or Convento Bosco ai Frati.

To take this road you just need to turn right after Sieve bridge, continue keeping the river on your right. Arrived at the end of the path you will find a paved tract on your right and in front of you “Cooperativa Agricola Emilio Sereni” a farm, where you can see very often cows, donkeys and horses grazing.


Refreshment points

In Sagginale:

  • Alimentari Trattoria Giorgione
  • Trattoria La Pentolaccia
  • Circolo Arci Sagginale

In Ponte a Vicchio:

  • Bar Ristorante La Casa del Prosciutto
  • Ristorante Fuori Zona