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Mugello is rich of itineraries and paths.

It allows you to discover a beautiful land, crudle of Medicis family, cross-roads of trades and pilgrimages and also protagonist, many times in history, of army and wars passages.

This suggestive and varied landscape, marked north by the Appennino, south by Monte Giovi and Monte Senario, that divide the florentine valley, west by Vernio and Calvana mountains, east by Alpe of San Benedetto and Falterona mountains, where the Arno starts. Mugello is also enriched by the presence of a big artificial lake: Bilancino, it is located west, along the road that leads to Barberino di Mugello.

Panorama Mugello Trebbio in bici

Bike Store Mugello offers a full service to discover Mugello by bike or just to spend a day in the middle of the nature:

  • Bikes rental on a selection of electrical mountain bikes front or full, classic mountain bike, kid bikes or road bikes.
  • Bike transfer in the territory.
  • Optionals rental, such as: GPS navigator with uploaded routes, helmet, childseat.
  • Itineraries to do independently (with gps trace free to download)
  • On request you can have personalised tours with a professional guide, graduated at the National School AMI Bike.

Check out our catalog to find the bike that’s right for you and start having fun!

Useful tips.

Precautions for your safety.

  • For your own and others safety, we always recommend to respect the code of the road on the roads and also on the cycle paths. Our bikes are all equipped with bicycle bell and bike light.
  • Be sure you always choose paths that fit to your abilities, based on the familiarity you have with the bike and the level of your training.
  • Always bring water and something to eat, even if on the road you might find bars and restaurants. Our bikes are all equipped with water-bottle cage (water-bottle is not included).
  • Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers or sportive sandals.
  • If you park the bike, be sure you lock it (padlock is provided) on a rack or to a pole.

Term of rent.

Collection and delivery

Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm

Collection time needs to be communicated via email, whatsapp or by phone, 2 days in advance your booking day. Eventual time changes need to be reported calling our telephone number. In the event that the bike is returned in advance, no refund will be paid.

It is possible to rent bikes for Sundays, on appointment, calling us within 6 pm on Saturday.

If during the rental you have a problem with the bike that you are not able to solve you can contact us by phone or via WhatsApp. We guarantee our assistance service from Monday to Saturday. At the moment on Sunday the assistance service is not guaranteed, in case of problem on Sunday contact us at +39 3319643646, we will find together the best solution.

Included in the rent

  • Bicycle bell
  • Bike light
  • Repair Kit
  • Bicycle pump
  • Padlock

Not included in the rental

  • Helmet
  • GPS navigator
  • Child seat
  • Water-bottle

Cancellation policy

In case you want to cancel your rental, you can do it within 3 days your booking date and you will be fully refunded. If you don’t cancel within 3 days we will hold 30% of the total amount.

Payment method

Customers who rent on our website can pay by credit card or PayPal, or can also choose to pay directly at the store when collecting the bike. If the customer doesn’t book on the website we will ask for a full payment at the collection time and we also ask for an ID, that will be given back upon returning the bike.


The client has full responsibility of the bike and the optionals rented and it is his duty to return everything in the place and the time agreed during the booking phase, he also has to give back the same optionals we provided and the bike in the same status he has received it. The customer is obliged to respect the traffic laws and rules and is responsible for all damage caused as a consequence of any accidents occurring during the use of the bike. Bike Store Mugello is not responsible for any fines or penalties that may result from the break of traffic laws, nor of injuries or damage caused to themselves, to others and / or their properties.

Treat the bike as your own!
In case of damages and / or inappropriate treatment the reparation will be charged to the client, according to the price list.
If you leave your bike unattended, it always needs to be locked on a rack or to a pole with its padlock provided. Even if tied with a padlock, we recommend that you do not leave your bicycle unattended outside at night because the risk of theft is very high. When you rent a bike you are responsible for any theft or damage. In the event of theft you will be charged the full value of the bike. However, you can take out insurance that partly covers the value of the bike in the event of theft. The cost of the insurance varies from 3 to 5 euros per day depending on the type of bike rented.