Be one with your bike.

The bike needs to be adapted to the cyclist, not the opposite.

Always more we listen of biomechanical positioning and how an appropriate position on the bike is important, not only for professional cyclists, but for everyone.

Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology, the bike adjustment to the body, is a philosophy developed by Specialized in collaboration with Doctor Andy Pruitt of Boulder Centre for Sport Medicine.

biomeccanico giovanni goti bike store mugelloThe Bike Fit Retül system helps professionals to ride faster for longer distances and to have more comfort, reducing the possibility to get injured. It also helps amateurs in all those problems, even small like tingling or pains, etc… that they might have when they ride for the first time.

Retül Fit is more than a positioning, it is a way to get to know your body, the root causes of problems and understand how correct positioning can help you achieve your cycling goals. Using 3 D motion capture technology, the Retül system accurately measures every degree of movement and millimeter of distance, providing the user and biomechanics with the data necessary to support the choices made during positioning.

We have decided to offer our clients the chance to have a biomechanic visit, because we believe it is an important aspect of cycling, we do it in partnership with Giovanni Goti that visit directly in our Store.

body geometry retul borgo san lorenzoHe is a 2nd level biomechanic, Master Body Geometry fit & Retul fit II Crono and MTB for Specialized SBCU (Specialized Body Components University). He is also an ex amateur and has a degree in Motor Sciences, sport and healthy, at the University of Florence. After being a professional cyclist, Giovanni fell in love with body movements and that is why he started to study:

  • instructor of postural training
  • coach
  • sports masseur
  • biomechanic, base and advanced level (BikeItalia)
  • professional in the application of elastic taping

If you think it is your moment to find a strong feeling with your bike don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment.