Bike Sale.

A growing world.

Bike world is wide and it always grows, thanks to the new bike discoveries, not only as a sport or a transport, but as the healthiest, eco-friendly and cheap transport you can use.

That is why since the very first beginning of our activity, we have decided not to focus only on bike typology, but to expand our offer to everyone and to every needs.

We have decided to work with some of the best brands in the world: Bianchi, Colnago, Specialized, Wilier, Atala, those company that make innovation, research and professionalism their best strongest values, we do our best to give our clients a wide bikes and prices choices. We have a direct relationship with our supplier, in order to offer our clients the best reliable and professional service.

We will always help you in the choice of your future bike, in their accessories and we will follow you during the after selling process, for warranty and eventual restorations.

Mountain bike.

Mtb rider.

If you love steep slopes or tours in the wood you will find in our Store Mtb Front and Full, perfect for your taste and budget. You will have multiple choice, that’s why we will talk and help you to understand what you need to have fun off road. We also keep an eye on the electrical bikes world (e-bike), with a selection of e-mtb, trying to let the customer understand their potential and how to take great advantages from them.


Road addicted.

Quick and light? Beautiful? If the road perfectly fits you or agonism is part of your life, in our Store you will find a selection of new and second handed bike, at all price ranges. On the other side if it is a while you have ridden and you need something new and easier we will show you big selection of our e-road bike, very similar to traditional bikes, but helped with the engine. Since many years we are sponsor of Club Ciclo Appenninico 1907, one of the oldest sport association in Italy, that rides on Wilier GTR team, same model available for rent.


Freedom to ride.

It’s a while that we hear about gravel bikes and bikepacking, in particular since the bikes has stepped over in our country. That’s why in our Store couldn’t miss a great selection of gravel, hybrids bikes that can be ridden in differents roads, paved or dirt tracks. If you are looking for a bike that is a bit mountain bike and also a bit road bike, gravel could be what you are looking for! We cooperate with the Black Gravel Mugello group, they organize tour on gravel bikes.

City and urban.

Move in the city.

The arrival of e-bikes has inspired people to move by bike and use it as the fastest and cheapest way to move in town, thanks to the engine that also helps those who are less trained to face medium/longer tracks. That’s why next to traditional city bike (also foldable bike) you will find a great selection of e-city bikes, divided by price, for you to choose the best one for your needs.


Grow riding.

Bike can become a sport, but first of all must be funny, that is why in our store we have a wide selection of bikes for children, from 1 to 13 years old, from the famous balance bikes, to Mtb, city bike and bikes with gears. We will help you and you kids to choose the best bike and we will put all the accessories requested and the one you mostly like (bell, lights, basket). Because we strongly believe that safety on the bike is very important and that to be in a group is much more funny, we cooperate with Bikemood and organize Summer Camp for children and kids.

Second hand.

Second handed and more convenient.

In our store the cycle of second handed bike is always on, for every kind of bike, from the more professional to those for everyday use. Come to visit us or call us to find out what’s available.