From the past to the future.

Bike Store Mugello born a while ago.

In the seventies the store name was Mugello Bike Store, it used to to serve local clients, to sell accessories, clothes and there used to be a repairing shop.
Since then the store has grown and has become really important for cyclists in the area, but not only for them.

In 2017 the management has changed, today the name of the shop is Bike Store Mugello and three passionated and young men has taken over: Amerigo, Giulio and Francesco, with their coworkers have decided to turn their passion into a job.

We know passion is not enough to provide a professional help and service, that is why we daily support passion with training and experience.

We listen to client, to understand and advise him at our best, we also work with the best suppliers, in order to know better new products and their potential.

One of our strength is the repairing shop, it has become bigger and renewed, in which we deal with big and small repairs, we are always updated on the world of bikes. Since 2018 we are an Official Shimano repairing shop and Fox Point, that means we are qualified to inspect bikes forks and shock absorber.

In our store we think to everyone, to children and adults, to those who loves mountainbike or the one who prefers road bikes, and also to those who want to try the innovative e-bike.

Bianchi, Colnago, Specialized, Wilier, Atala.

We have chosen the best brands.

Bianchi, Colnag, Specialized, Atala, those brands that has professionalism, innovation and research as values.

We do our best to give our customers a wide range of bikes and prices. From the top of the range to bikes for beginners, with high quality but won’t cost you a fortune.

Of course we also keep an eye on the “e-bike” world, trying to let the customer understand how important and new it is, we also sell second hand road bikes, mountain bikes, ebikes. Recently we have also added the electric scooter to our large family on two wheels, a vehicle increasingly in demand by those who need to make small urban journeys with speed and flexibility.

In 2018 we have decided to start with a weekly appointment on our Social Media, trying to approach everyone on our beautiful bike world, we have called it “La bici del lunedì” Monday Bike, every Monday we do a short video in the store presenting a new bike. It is a new way of learning something new about bike in a funny way.

Not only bikes.

Bikes are the heart beating of our store, around them we have built a big world of accessories and services.

You can find any kind of accessories for bikes, clothes, helmets, shoes, glasses, ciclocomputer, watches (Garmin,Bryton and Polar).

We love to talk with people and understand their needs, so when a client come into the store we do our best to help him in the choice and to advise him.

Another important matter is the position on the bike that is why we work with Giovanni Goti, a biomechanical.

We don’t want our store to be just a shop, but a place for exchanges and discussion about experiences. That’s why we organize events and meetings on different topics, for example how to ride in winter months or we organize cartography course and GPS course.

bike store mugello omar di feliceMany important people have been involved in this meetings, recently the famous Omar Di Felice took part, the champion Chiara Ciuffini and also cycle association.

bike store mugello chiara ciuffiniOur store is young, we are young and plenty of ideas, and even if technology and online shopping world has taken over we believe that a place where we can share our ideas all together is more valuable than any discount.

Bike Store gives you pedals!

Our team.


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Owner, Bike mechanic


Owner, Bike mechanic


Bike mechanic


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