• Type of route:
    Mtb, cross country, e-mtb, gravel
  • Departure:
    Convento di Bosco ai Frati (San Piero a Sieve)
  • Complexity level:
  • Suitable for:
  • How to reach Bosco ai Frati from Bike Store Mugello:
    From our store, where you can rent bikes for the excursion, you can reach Convento Bosco ai Frati cycling through Borgo San Lorenzo and continuing on the Provincial Road 551, directions to San Piero a Sieve/Barberino di Mugello/Autostrada and follow the signs to Bosco ai Frati (for about 9 km – 5,5 miles – the road is quite busy). Alternatively we can deliver the bike there.


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Route 5: Schifanoia reserve and Bosco ai Frati Convent

As many castles and buildings in Mugello, also the Convent is part of Medici’s heritage, in particular Cosimo il Vecchio bought it in 1420, and Michelozzo Michelozzi renovated it. If you want to do an easy excursion with cultural features this route is perfect for you.

Convento Bosco ai Frati Mugello

The itinerary takes place mainly on asphalted secondary roads, and partly on dirt track, easy to cycle and without particular technical difficulties. A very short ring circuit for the whole family through groves and fields, perfect if you are in Mugello even for just a weekend.

Along the path you won’t find any fountains or bars, so we suggest you to equip your self before the departure.

The path starts from Convento di Bosco ai Frati, that we recommend you to visit, in particular because of the woods crucifix, probably done by Donatello or his workshop in 1460, it is located in the small museum of “Arte Sacra” just next to the convent. Leave the church behind you and take the first road on your right, direction to San Michele a Lucigliano Church.

Anello bici facile Mugello panorama Toscana

Continue on the road, that from asphalted will become dirt, when you reach the Agritourism “Le Tre Virtù” take the track on your right following the signs for Mtb paths. Cycle along the Agritourism, until you find a bush, cross it keeping the right.
Passed the bush you will have an amazing view of fields and typical countryside sights.

Anello bici facile Mugello Galliano

Proceed on the road, that will be a bit rough and with stones, but anyway easy to cycle. After few kilometers you will find a junction, turn left, pass over Galliano cemetery (on the right) and you you will find another junction, here turn left again.
Now you will be on asphalted road and after a while you will be on dirt track with ups and downs through spare houses, groves and fields. This road is mostly frequented by residents, cyclists and hikers. You are passing through the Schifanoia reserve, an historical naturale reserve in Mugello.

Proceed on that road and pass a small lake on your left, until you find again paved road, turn left togo back to Bosco ai Frati convent. You will have a last paved tract and a steep descent and a short climb, at the end of it you will see the Convent.

Even if the roads are secondary roads and not very busy, we suggest you always to be careful and safe.

Touristic and cultural points of interest

Convento di Bosco ai Frati

This holy place, founded by the Ubaldini family befor the year 1000, is considered one of the most ancient in the whole Tuscany. In 1420 Cosimo de’ Medici bought the convent and Michelozzo Michelozzi renovated it, he combined the new taste of the renaissance to the old medieval architectural style: typical vaults and cornices in late Gothic style and in the cloister, in the cenaculum and the monks cells he used the new architecture. The walls of the convent hide a very and impressive artistic masterpiece: the woods Christ crucefix, unanimously ascribed to Donatello.

Agritourisms, hotels an restaurants

Along the road you won’t find any fountains, bars or restaurants, you will find them reaching San Piero a Sieve town.


  • Agriturismo Tenuta Le Tre Virtù (Loc. Lucigliano)