• Type of route:
    Mtb, cross country, e-mtb, gravel
  • Departure: Ponte di Sieve (Borgo San Lorenzo)
  • Complexity level:
  • Suitable for:
    Medium trained cyclists or e-bikes owners
  • How to reach Sieve bridge:
    From our store, where you can rent bikes, you can reach Ponte di Sieve turning left and straight after right. At the stop signal turn right and you will be in front of the bridge after few meters.


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Route 4: tour by bike to Barbiana, following Don Milani’s traces

One of the most important people, that have made Mugello famous is Don Milani.
In the Church of Sant’Andrea a Barbiana, in the year 1956 Don Milani organised a post elementary school for six children and he passed them his religious, moral and civil teachings.

Nowadays Barbiana is a destination for those who wants to know Don Milani experience, visit the cemetery where he is buried and follow the Constitution route.
It is an excursion to do with boys and kids.

Chiesa di Sant'Andrea a Barbiana Don Milani

The path we offer is mainly on asphalted road, exception for a short tract, and it is suitable from medium trained cyclists or e-bikes owners, because of the incline at the beginning of the path.

Departure point is from Ponte di Sieve, just at the entrance of Borgo San Lorenzo, take the cycle path and continue until the end of it in Sagginale (where there is a football field) and reach Ponte di Annibale. Cross the bridge and continue straight, you will find a junction, turn left on the Provincial Road 41 and proceed on the paved road for about 3 km (1,8 miles), until you find a deviation on the right, direction to Barbiana.

First part of this excursion is on asphalted road that is usually quite busy, we suggest to be careful and safe.

Turn right and take the road to Barbiana/San Martino a Scopeto/Bricciana, from this point on the road starts to go up, it continues with ups and downs and the final part is quite difficult and steep. This road, used by their inhabitants, goes through Mugello woods, along Monte Giovi, it is shaded and very nice, the more you go up, the most beautiful landscapes you will find on Mugello valley.

Barbiana Don Milani giro in bici

Keep following the road until you will find a junction that will lead you to Barbiana, you will see the sign “Barbiana a piedi/Sentiero della Costituzione”. Here you can continue the path, keeping the right, proceed on the paved road for few more kilometers, you will have to pass “Agriturismo il Muretto” and cross a cypress-lined road. At end of it you will find a dirt track, where the roas starts to go down until the Curch of Sant’Andrea.

Stop by in this suggestive place and take the opportunity to admire the stunning panorama and see the churh where Don Milani was parish priest. To visit the church, that has been intact since Don Lorenzo was there, you have to take an appointment with “Fondazione Don Lorenzo Milani”.

Sentiero della Costituzione Barbiana

From here you can proceed on the Sentiero della Costituzione, on the dirt trail, that starts just in front of the church, you will definitely see it because the track is indicated by wood signals with Constitution articles, illustrated by local and all over Italy students. This tract is in discent, but it doesn’t present any particular technical difficulties.

We inform you that many hikers on foot take this path on the opposite way, so be careful and go slowly.

At the end of Sentiero della Costituzione you will be again on asphalted street, the discent until Provincial Road 41 is very steep and funny. Once you find the junction turn right and follow the directions to Ponte a Vicchio, follow the road until you find a cross road and on your left you will see the Trattoria Casa del Prosciutto. Turn left and then left again (before the bridge) to go back on the cycle path that will guide you back to Borgo San Lorenzo.


Touristic and cultural points of interest

Sant’Andrea a Barbiana Church

In this church Don Lorenzo Milani from 1956 to 1968 organised a post elementary school and spread his messages as instructor. One year after his death the school broke up, but those who were with him kept living there and was thank to them if the church was saved from the decline. Inside the church you can find a famous fresco, by Giotto’s circle, and it represents “La Madonna col Bambino and Santa Caterina” and the “Santo Scolaro”, a mosaic created by the students of Barbiana school.

Sentiero della Costituzione

It is composed by 50 panels, that go up until the church, along the road that Don Milani did the first time he arrived in Barbiana. Every single panel has written on it an article of the Constitution, illustrated by students from all over Italy. In Don Milani school, the Constitution was considered not only the main law, but also the most important thing to keep social balance to build a new and different society, capable to redeem the “lasts” and to give strength to the weaks and voice to those who doesn’t have it.

Agritourisms, hotels and restaurants

On the path you will find restaurants and bars, but we suggest you to check opening days and hours before departing and to bring some waters and food.


Restaurants in Sagginale and Vicchio:

  • Alimentari Trattoria Giorgione (Sagginale)
  • Trattoria La Pentolaccia (Sagginale)
  • Circolo Arci Sagginale (Sagginale)
  • Ristorante Lago Viola (strada per Barbiana)
  • Bar Ristorante La Casa del Prosciutto (Ponte a Vicchio)

Hotels/Agritourisms along the road:

  • Casale Essenze (strada per Barbiana)
  • Agriturismo Il Muretto (strada per Barbiana)