• Type of route:
    Mtb, cross country, e-mtb, gravel
  • Departure:
    Santuario Madonna dei Tre Fiumi (Ronta)
  • Lenght:
    20 km (around 12,5 miles)
  • Travel time:
    2 hours
  • Difference in height:
    200 meters
  • Complexity level:
  • Suitable for:
    Medium trained cyclists
  • How to reach Ronta from Bike Store Mugello:
    From our store you can go to Ronta on the regional road number 302 (for about 9 km, around 5,5 miles). Alternatively we can deliver the bikes at the meeting point in Ronta.


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Route 2: excursion on the panoramic road from Madonna dei Tre Fiumi to Santa Maria a Vezzano

This itinerary puts together nature and culture, it is one of the most classic route to do by bike. It is good for those who prefers a calm route, with spots where you can take beautiful pictures and you can also visit Madonna dei Tre Fiumi shrine and Santa Maria a Vezzano church. It is also the prefect path for those who are looking for a funny and not too difficult adventure on mountain bike, very good if you are spending a weekend or even just a day in Mugello.

Santuario Madonna dei Tre Fiumi Ronta

Ronta panoramic road passes through beech, chestnuts and olive trees, and it will give you amazing panoramas on Mugello valley.

The path starts from Santuario Madonna dei Tre Fiumi (410 meters high), reachable from Ronta following the regional road 302 Brisighellese-Ravennate, directions to Colla di Casaglia. You can arrive to the shrine by bike or we can deliver the bikes over there.

In front of the shrine there is a fountain, you can fill up your water bottles over there.

Once you are in front of the shrine cross the bridge on your right, merge into the panoramic road, the road is initially paved and then dirt, it climbs up on the crest and after alterns ups and downs.

Panorama Mugello bici strada panoramica di Ronta

During the summer the road is shaded and in winter sunny, this path doesn’t have any particular technical difficulties. You might find cars, so be careful and safe.

At about a third of the way you will meet a short stretch where the road is partly collapsed, but equally passable. We recommend that you take this step carefully and if you do not feel safe, carry the bike by hand.

You will find many beautiful places to take pictures and to admire Mugello, you will see Borgo San Lorenzo, Ronta and many spare houses on the mountains.
You will also see the suggestive church of Santa Maria a Pulicciano, nestled on a hill like an eagle nest.

Panorama Mugello bici castagneti

The road ends after 5 km (around 3, 1 miles) where you will find a crossroad that will put you back on asphalted road. At the junction on your left you can take an alternative road Ronta-Gattaia, but if you continue on the right you will stay on the path to reach Santa Maria a Vezzano village where you can take refreshment, at the only bar there is in the village.

From Santa Maria a Vezzano you can follow the road to Piazzano and go back to Borgo San Lorenzo or you can continue following our GPX road and do an alternative route in the middle of the fields (for more experienced cyclists) and rejoin the cycle path that will bring you back to our store.


Cultural and turistic points of interest

Santuario Madonna dei Tre Fiumi

Called like that because it is located on the Ensa river, also called Razzuolo in the village nearby, in which flows Farfereta creek. It was built in 1578 and expanded in 1705 when they added two more aisles and the arcade. Today one of the original aisle is smaller because the arcade was cut to make more space for the construction of Faentina road, that pass just next to it. The shrine was built to honour the Virgin Mary that appeared right in this point.

Margheri water mill

Not far from the shrine you will find a water mill, one of the oldest in the whole Tuscany, it was built in 845 and it is still working, you can visit it and buy local products, like flours and chestnuts.

Santa Maria a Vezzano Church

The church is not far from the panoramic road, it is dated back to 1200, it had been renovated many times. The church preserves inside amazing frescos of the Madonna del Rosario and the saints Pietro and Andrea.

Agritourisms, hotels and restaurants

You won’t find any fountains or restaurants on the path.

Restaurants in Ronta and Santa Maria a Vezzano:

  • Ristorante Tre Fiumi (Loc. Madonna dei Tre Fiumi)
  • La Bottega (Santa Maria a Vezzano)

Along the road you will find the following Hotels/Agritourisms:

  • Albergo La Rosa (Ronta)
  • Hotel Marrani (Ronta)
  • Albergo Tre Fiumi (Loc. Madonna dei Tre Fiumi)
  • Casa vacanze Podere Ugolini (Loc. Il Pozzo)
  • Agriturismo Il Villino (Loc. Piazzano)
  • Appartamenti Il Pilloro (Loc. Piazzano)